Friday, November 28, 2008

eek! there is baby stuff in my house!

A belated happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrated yesterday. I have never had more to be thankful for than I do this year: finally, finally pregnant and able to share the news in person with our far-flung extended family, all gathered together for one day of eating, and laughing, and catching-up, and eating, and gossiping, and gratitude, and taking long walks together so that we could eat some more.

After dinner, my brother surprised me with an incredible gift of baby clothes and sundries, passed along to me from his sister-in-law who had a baby last year. Now that we are home again, I have placed the boxes in the room-that-will-be-a-nursery-one-day, where I have unpacked, examined, and repacked everything twice. So much baby stuff in my house makes this feel even more real than sharing the news with my grandparents yesterday did.

God willing, fingers crossed, and etc., etc., I think we are going to have a baby next spring!

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Thalia said...

It's definitely freaky when the baby stuff arrives in the house. I empathise!