Tuesday, January 08, 2008

officially day one

Today is definitely day one, evidenced by the fact that I write to you from my bed. I did not go to work today, which always makes me feel like a big, big baby. But sometimes day ones take me down, and I don't even include the emotional component. It's the cramps...they hurt. But worse than that, it's the only being allowed to take Tylen0l for the cramps, which doesn't help much. And even worse than that is the way sometimes (not always, but today is one of the lucky days) all my internal organs decide to join in, which leaves me heaving into the toilet (and doing other, even less pleasant things in the toilet as well). I had begun to suspect I might have endo based on the pain and misery, but the lap definitely ruled that out. So why does it hurt so much? Or am I just a huge whiny child about this? That's what I fear. But to put it in context, this is worse than the pain after the lap.

Baseline scan on Friday morning.

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Thalia said...

it sounds awful, and indicative of endo, but if there was none on the lap, then I guess it's not. Sorry you have to suffer through this. Is it not possible to take something stronger?