Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I really want this to work . . .

Of course I do! I don't know where all that calm, "I don't expect it (clomid) to work the first time" business was coming from, or where it went. I am consumed all day with obsessive thoughts of ovulation. When will I ovulate? Will I ovulate at all? Was that twinge ovulatory pain? When will I ovulate? Why don't I have more cervical mucus yet? Will I ovulate? What does it mean that my bbt went up 2 tenths of a degree? When will I ovulate? Will I ovulate? Will I? When? Did I ruin any chances of conceiving this cycle by breaking down and having a Diet Coke today? Will that keep me from ovulating? Will I ovulate? When? Will all the stress at work keep me from ovulating? Delay ovulation? Am I just being stupid to think that I might actually ovulate? Of course I am. But I did take all that clomid. Maybe I will ovulate. But when?

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