Saturday, December 09, 2006


That would be me. Whining about one cycle of clomid not working, when it's too soon to say, and when so many others have been through so much more. Sorry. To the universe, I apologize.

PS. Does this qualify as moodswings? (Or, as spellcheck would have it, "modishness"?)


swissmiss said...

You're not an asshole and you can complain as much as you want. I believe it was Karen of the Naked Ovary who had a post about refusing to play the "pain olympics." You wanted something. It looks like you're not going to get it this time around. That sucks for you, and you're allowed to say so.

And, sorry.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, swissmiss. By the way, I love your blog but I dare not comment there because I recommended it to a friend who does not know about this blog. (I enjoy complicating my own life.) I have traveled a bit in Switzerland, and spent time in Bern, and I enjoy your depictions of life there. I hope you get some sleep, soon!