Saturday, February 25, 2006

this weekend's agenda

Must prepare for wedding shower we are co-hosting. Thankfully not at our house. This will involve: buying shower gift (of course I haven't done this yet), buying assigned contributions to party buffet (did anyone think I would cook?), possibly buying new clothes to wear tonight (I hate with a passion everything in my closet except for the three outfits I wear CONSTANTLY and therefore would prefer not to wear tonight . . . as a bonus I have a family birthday party next weekend and if I buy something to wear tonight I will be able to wear it again for that party and thus actually be able to attend an event without completely stressing beforehand about what to wear), and arriving to the party an hour early to help with set up, greeting guests etc. So, busy day. This is not to mention that I have about eight loads of laundry to get through today and also need to do some work-related work to get ready for March.

I would actually like to make it to church tomorrow morning (haven't been to a service in three weeks), and there is also a special service tomorrow evening that is important to both Al and me so big chunk of time for church + driving back and forth. That birthday party next weekend? Um, yeah, I am supposedly helping to plan that. So, expect all time not spent at church to be spent on frantic phone calls / emails to various and sundry people trying to nail down who is arriving when to help with what and who is bringing what for the party and blah, blah, blah.

Now the important part
Egg white cervical mucus made an appearance in copious quantities on Wednesday. Since it seems that I actually ovulated the last time this happened I am quite excited. On the other hand, seeming to have ovulated does not seem to have contributed anything towards getting pregnant so I am not quite as excited as last time. But on the good side, I didn't ovulate for five years (as far as anyone knows) and now I have (possibly, maybe, please, please, please) managed to ovulate twice in four months? Maybe my ovaries finally decided to wake up and get to work? Yeah, right. What am I thinking?

Anyway, after the last time that it seems I ovulated and yet did not conceive I decided to order some PreSeed. So we have been using that since Wednesday. I have no idea if it will make a difference, but it falls into the category of couldn't hurt. I hope.

All in all, the biggest thing on this weekend's agenda will once again be unending preoccupation with my re(non)productive bits.

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