Tuesday, February 21, 2006

a visit from the in-laws

The in-laws came to visit this weekend. This, of course, meant that the hours preceding their arrival were spent in a mad house-cleaning effort. At the end of which I put a few of our things back out and gently informed Al that the point of cleaning is not to make it appear as if no one actually lives here.

I love to have guests because it gives us a reason to get out of the house. This weekend we visited the art museum and (despite the cold and the rain) the botanical gardens. Then we went out and ate lots of sushi. It was quite a nice and very brief visit.

Al's family and mine could not be more different. My family is a quiet, reserved, intellectual one. We live in our heads. Anything unpleasant happening in our lives for the most part is not spoken about. Al's family is noisy, boisterous, affectionate, plainspoken. Everyone's issues are out on the table for all to enjoy dissecting and advising. I enjoy them but I feel like an alien life-form among them, and I find them a bit exhausting. It's nice to have my quiet house back today.

For the record we still haven't told Al's parents about our infertility. Planned to do it this weekend but never managed to work it in. I am relieved. Al felt strongly that he wanted to tell them in person, but I would much prefer to do it over the phone. Just because that way, however it goes, eventually you hang up and the conversation is over for a while. In person I feel like it would have dragged on and on.

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