Sunday, October 16, 2005

weekend recap

First off, yay Thalia! I love your blog and am thrilled that you stopped by to comment here. Your kind words are deeply appreciated. I myself lurk on many blogs (even more than I list here), and have just recently been brave enough to comment here and there. Usually everything I would like to say has already been posted at least twice by other commenters. But I've started to chime in anyway.

Now on to the job question. I told FM (former mentor) that I needed to think about it. When she called I was hit by such a wave of panic that I couldn't think of anything else to say. I could not formulate one single question about the position. Then tried to call back later to say I was definitely interested in knowing more specifics about the job, at least. But had to leave a message as she was not available. I'm sure she had already left for the day (it was a Friday, after all, what better day to skive off?) but have tortured myself all weekend with the thought that it was the perfect job for me after all but my lack of enthusiasm has caused FM to look elsewhere.

I took a break from torturing myself about that situation to volunteer in my church's nursery this morning. I know (from reading blogs of course) that many of us who can't seem to get pregnant have issues with being around children. I don't find it painful, however; I love it. I especially love to hold babies and smell their delicious baby smell. It tips the scales (for awhile, anyway) away from ambivalence and toward must have baby now!!! At any cost!!! I do have issues with pregnant women, however, so go figure.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be very long days for me, as I have meetings and training sessions scheduled in the mornings, and a dinner meeting tomorrow evening also. I also have to meet up with my accountant tomorrow to sign our tax forms. He seems to have overcome his extreme busyness (or perhaps is contrite for the scare he gave us), as he has offered to take the forms to Al also and them mail them for us. This is a relief to Al as I had told him that with my schedule tomorrow he would have to leave work early, come get the forms from me to sign them, and then get them in the mail himself. I almost forgot the good news there . . . we will be receiving sizable refunds from both our state and federal returns! Hooray! Oh, and the best news of all . . . I did not do the taxes myself this weekend. I decided to stick with the original plan of letting go of the need to control this one part of my life. I am very proud of myself. Plus a little terrified that there is some horrible mistake on the return and we will be audited and owe thousands of dollars and it will all be because I didn't do the taxes myself to compare. But mostly I'm just glad I didn't stress about the taxes this year.

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