Thursday, October 20, 2005

completely random movie observations

I just saw an ad for The Weatherman which featured the voiceover gem, "It's the first must-see movie of the year!". Really? In October? Movies this year must have really sucked. (And whoever thought up "must see!" must be shot. The thing I find particularly hilarious is that most movie promo voiceovers sound like they are done by the same guy. So I am wondering how many times this year he has said, "It's the first must-see movie of the year!", and whether or not he can keep a straight face while he is saying it.

I have a theory that while most comedies are disappointing compared to their previews (since the funniest moments have all been seen in the previews already), many action/suspense movies are better than would be implied by their previews because the previews are all explosions and cliches and the movies sometimes have actual plots. Dramas are in between. I find it very hard to predict whether I will enjoy a drama or not based strictly on the previews.

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