Monday, September 19, 2005

Two steps forward, one step back

We have made a small bit of progress on the infetility checklist we made for ourselves.

1. Al called our insurance company to find out what was covered, what wasn't, etc. The good news: I can see an RE for just my usual co-pay. The bad news: they don't cover much in the way of actual treatment. But I can go get myself examined and diagnosed to my heart's content. Since that's where we want to start, I see mostly the good in this for now.

2. I went to the dentist last week. Yes, I do know that this will not help with my fertility per se, but it's on all the lists of things you should do before you get pregnant. So consider this an act of hopefulness and basic self-care. I can not remember the last time I saw a dentist. What can I say, I was blessed with good teeth. I don't have a problem with tartar or plaque build up and I have never had a cavity. Until last week. One cavity. My first. I go back this week to have it filled. Of course, I am going with the non-mercury tooth colored composite. Just on the off chance that I do manage to get pregnant in the near future I don't want to give the poor unborn child mercury poisoning.

So the step back would be in my general state of health. I have not kept up with my resolve to eat better or exercise regularly. In fact, I would say that in recent weeks I have eaten more junk food and exercised even less than usual. Sigh.

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