Friday, September 30, 2005

superficial update

Hmm . . . I haven't posted in awhile. Al and I both have horrible colds. I am hoping that is all it is, at least. We both actually called in sick today (which is rare) and spent much time cuddling on the sofa watching television and feeling miserable. I expect this weekend will be much of the same.

I need to shop for a dress. And shoes, probably. We are going to a wedding next weekend, of one of Al's good friends from high school. We will be seeing people we haven't seen in many years, so it is time to pull out all the stops and put on all the vanity armor against insecurity. When you aren't happy with your job and are insecure about your inability to get pregnant, it helps to feel like at least you look good. I will have to go for a manicure and pedicure, and thank goodness I finally got my hair cut and colored this past week. My roots were horrible. I am slowly going lighter and lighter haircolor wise. It is all an attempt to disguise the rapid encroachment of white hairs. I always enjoyed being a brunette and never thought I'd be a blonde, but I have not only a lot of gray but resistant gray at that, meaning it laughs at attempts (even expensive, professional, supposedly permanent attempts) to change it back to the color it should be. So the only option seems to be lightening the surrounding hairs so that the white ones aren't so dramatically obvious. Ugh. I'm too young for this! Really, I am!

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