Friday, September 16, 2005

Aunt Flo doesn't just stop by for a few days around here

Warning: this is definitely TOO MUCH information.

So, I got my period today. Not that it actually is a period. You see, one of the fun, fun things about not ovulating is that I have extremely irregular cycles. And of course, I really don't even have "cycles" and I don't have "periods", I have "anovulatory bleeding". There is no rhyme or reason to it. It is not monthly. I could go a few months at a time with no bleeding at all or just light spotting (this is the one upside of my condition; of course it is darkened by the eventual hope, no matter how improbable or even impossible given other signs such as bbt, negative pregnancy tests, etc, that this time I really am pregnant and there could be no other possible explanation for having gone so long without a period). Other times I go for a month or longer with no day off from bleeding / spotting. The actual flow is equally unpredictable. Usually it is quite light, but in the past year I have bled through a tampon, my panties, and my pants three times. Fun, fun, fun.

And would you like to know the worst part? It hurts my sex life badly. I just do NOT feel sexy while experiencing "anovulatory bleeding". The heavier the flow the less likely I am to be willing to engage in amourous adventures. It's partly the messiness of the whole thing. I don't own any unstained panties and half my towels bear witness to my dysfunction. I really don't want stained sheets. The other thing is that every time I bleed I just feel more infetile. And that is a mood killer for me.

How does Al respond to all this? Well, he has no issues with the actual bleeding. It does not deter his interest. Not much does, to be honest. But he is not the type to push me. Ever. So he makes slightly hopeful advances which he knows will be shot down, and hangs in there waiting for a clear day. Have I mentioned before how much I love him?

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