Friday, April 03, 2009

35 days to go

I think I wrote something about posting soon/more often? Right.

I just can't imagine that anything I might write here would be of very much interest to anyone but me. I'm still feeling surprisingly well, so far exempt from most pregnancy complaints. The one that won't let up is the exhaustion. I never did get that second trimester burst of energy, and now the fatigue is as strong as it was in the beginning.

I love watching my stomach move of its own accord, and trying to figure out what my daughter is doing in there. As of our appointment last week, she is breech. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that she will turn. Unfortunately, I have a low placenta (not previa, though, thank goodness) and I have read that a low placenta can take up so much room in the lower uterus that a breech position becomes roomier than head down. I am terrified of a c-section, so we will be trying everything we can to get her to turn. Including hanging upside down, playing music to my pelvis, and shining a bright flashlight up the preferred exit route.

We are mostly prepared, in terms of acquiring all the requisite baby stuff. There is a car seat in the back seat of my car. I still need to have the installation checked. And decide on a pediatrician. Oh, and the childcare situation is still up in the air, which sometimes keeps me awake for hours in the middle of the night, and sometimes makes me cry. But the nursery is ready, and beautiful. She has a closet full of adorably tiny clothes. I sit in the rocker in the room that will be her room, and I feel so happy. I can't believe how close we are to finally, finally holding the baby we dreamed of for so many years.

Here are a couple of gooey anecdotes, so look away now if you are not in the mood.

I mentioned to Jack that sometimes it tickles when Iggy moves, and he said, "Oh, I guess that's why you laugh." Unbeknownst to me, I laugh in my sleep these days. I have never in my life laughed in my sleep, and now I do it regularly, tickled on the inside by our child.

Jack is going to be such a good father. I love to watch him rub and kiss my stomach, and talk to Iggy. I can tell that he loves her already, that we are already a family of three.

Five weeks to go.


Anonymous said...

please post about your little bundle - I check in frequently and nothing yet! Take good care!

Shazz said...

Just checking in to see how your doing!!

Leah said...

So happy things are going well. Only a little over a month to go! YAY!

Kristin said...

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