Monday, October 01, 2007

needles and pins

Well, not pregnant. Not surprised, either, really.

So I have officially begun my first cycle of injectables. I have to say, it is much more difficult psychologically than physically. Once I get over the fact that I am about to voluntarily pierce my skin, the actual shot is no big deal.

The nurse who scanned me on day 3 was gentle and kind, and most importantly, informative. I had 15 tiny follicles, which she declared "a good start". I go back on Thursday to see what these needles will have wrought.

I bounce back and forth between knowing this won't work, fearing that it will work too well (multiples), and having the hubris to hope it might result in one, single, perfect, healthy, baby.


Fertilize Me said...

Good Luck on this cycle

LJ said...

Sorry about the BFN. Hoping that injectables do the trick!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are not pregnant - yet! Hurray for the next phase and hoping a baby soon awaits you!