Wednesday, October 10, 2007

bloated and blah

That's basically how I feel right now. I have had mild pelvic (swollen ovary) pain since the wanding last Thursday (before the trigger, so it couldn't be ohs, right?). I have gained four pounds, and only have two pairs of pants that fit comfortably. My breasts are sore. It feels like the very height of pms, so much so that I keep expecting my period to start, even though I am barely into the two week wait (I triggered on Saturday, so should have ovulated Monday morning). I've stopped worrying about multiples and started worrying that this didn't work at all.

Which leads me to THE question: what next? I am so uncomfortable that I can't imagine jumping immediately into another cycle. Seems like I would rather have a month off. But...I have about $300 worth of f-stim chilling in my refrigerator that won't be any good if I wait a cycle out, and that is not an insignificant amount of money to me.

I guess I should just hope this one works, right?

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swissmiss said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling bloated and blah. I hope it leads to something good.

I had a different set of drugs I guess for the FETs but I did cycle then month off then two cycles back to back and I can't say the month off made me feel much better. Though I honestly don't remember anymore.