Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a quick update

Still alive, still here, still not pregnant. Bad blogger, bad!

Okay, now to get on with it. I haven't written much lately because, honestly, not much has been happening on the ol' infertility front. Here is a quick (for some reason, and without much inherent logic, numbered) update:

1. Final clomid cycle finally ground to a halt with a weird start-stop-start-stop period after NO ovulation. Fine. We knew we were done with clomid anyway. But is it weird (is it bad?) that I didn't ovulate at all this time around? That's not happened before, even though I mostly got delayed ovulations I did always ovulate previously.

2. Per Dr. RE's instructions, I am taking a cycle "off" between failed final clomid cycle and moving on to injectables. This has been a rather long cycle off. I probably could have gone in and asked for a progesterone shot to bring on my period, but I was being patient. No rush to those shots.

3. Anyway, about a week and a half ago I had a few days of very fertile eggwhite cervical fluid. In my rather limited experience, this has almost always indicated ovulation, so of course that was the cue for lots of sex. I wondered if I actually did ovulate, but I am not temping at all this cycle (since I didn't ovulate last time on clomid, I really didn't expect to ovulate this one off of it) so I don't really know. But I estimate that if I did ovulate it was probably around cd 26, so delayed again.

4. Then about a week after the eggwhite, my breasts became really tender. This is another indication to me that ovulation did take place. They are still quite tender. Today is day 37, so maybe 11 dpo? Not really sure.

5. Today I had my teeth cleaned. And my gums bled horribly. They do not normally bleed at all. It was the most painful visit to the dentist I have ever had. So of course, I immediately thought, maybe I am pregnant? I have no idea how long it takes bleeding gums to kick in as a pregnancy symptom, but I am assuming it is a good bit later than (maybe) 11 dpo. So more likely it was the new hygienist, or that my teeth and gums are falling apart just like my reproductive system.

6. There you have it. I hold out no realistic expectation that I will wind up pregnant this month. I imagine that in a few days I will be going in for day 3 bloodwork and a baseline ultrasound, swallowing hard when I charge the follistim to my credit card, and poking tiny needle sized holes into my not so tiny stomach. Either way, things are about to get a lot more interesting around here (well, to me anyway).

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