Monday, July 02, 2007

how did this happen?

So, I decided to take the month of June off. Off! No fertility for me in June.

I had an interesting visit with the RE and we decided that after one cycle off (my decision because, you know, I recently had a stress breakdown) we would try one more round of clomid (my decision, because when it came down to it I freaked out in the face of injectable FSH) combined with an HSG (mutually agreed upon most genially) and then on to injectables (dependent, of course, upon the results of the HSG). I was to keep temping, and to come in for a shot of progesterone on cycle day 21 if I hadn't had a temperature spike (or, I decided, whenever I was finished with my time off, because let's face it, there would be NO temperature spike).

Flash forward to day 21. I was at the beach. Happily not caring about my lack of a temperature spike. After all, I was taking the month of June off. And I was at the beach! With my husband. And we were having lots of sex without special sperm-friendly lubricants or even a thought of cervical mucous. And I was only taking my temperature every 3 mornings or so, and it was always low, and who cares? I'm taking the month OFF!

And lo did I drink much diet coke and a little champagne and eat much fish with no thought for mercury contamination, and oh, I forgot all about taking my metformin and vitamins most days. And on the last morning of our vacation my temperature was so low I took it twice, because after all I'm not a corpse so how could such a low reading be accurate?

And along came day 28, the first day home, the day I was planning on going in for a progesterone shot because I was rested and happy and ready to try again. Only, it turns out the shot was unnecessary because that morning I got my temperature spike. "I'll just wait and see," I thought. And my temperature kept going up. And staying up.

And somehow, I am now in the middle of a 2 week wait for the cycle that I was taking OFF. The one where I didn't take any clomid. And went on a freaking vacation.

I was in a bit of denial at first, based solely on temperatures, but a few days ago my breasts became sore, sore, sore, and I gave up on denial and let hope creep in. So today (8 dpo) I took myself to the RE for a progesterone draw, just to prove quantitatively that I actually managed to ovulate on my own. Still a delayed ovulation, but earlier than last cycle on 150 mg of clomid.

Can I please be one of those annoying people who get pregnant right after they stop taking fertility drugs and while they are on vacation? Please, oh please, oh please?

I know it's a long shot. But, like I said, I just had a lovely vacation, and right now I am feeling strong enough to hope even when I know it's stupid.


Thalia said...

stranger things have happened. And don't worry about the drinking and the fish, you can't possibly have consumed enough for this to be a problem.

swissmiss said...

Hey, I can think of at least three, no make that four - infertitlity bloggers I read who had "Huh?" pregnancies. I hope you're number five!

Ann said...

Here's hoping that you're one of the annoying ones! And even if you're not, ovulating on your own is reason enough to celebrate.

The Town Criers said...

I am hoping that you're one of those secret hope stories that make all of us insane. I mean, it would make for a really really really good story. And that has to count for something in the universe.