Sunday, January 14, 2007

ovulation update anyone?

So, last month I finally o'd on day 18 and my temp started a slow rise on day 19. Today was day 18 of this cycle. I'm on the same dose of clomid, and really have not done anything differently (other than fail to obsess over this cycle) so I'm hoping to finally get a temp rise tomorrow. I had a twinge of pain today that could have been ovulatory. Also, I had a little spotting (which I did not have last month). So, I am hopeful. Really, really hopeful. Stupidly hopeful. I already warned Al before he went to bed that if I get a temp rise tomorrow morning I plan to wake him up immediately for one more round of sex, just in case. His exact response, "But we already had sex today". Yes, we have a red-hot marriage.

I dreamed last night that we had a baby, a little boy with lots of black hair. But we couldn't come up with a name for him. Then it occurred to me that we could actually go out and buy a book of baby names because the baby was here and it could no longer jinx anything to display that kind of hubris. Is that not a little bit sad?

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