Sunday, December 31, 2006

paint out the old, paint in the new

For the last few years our bedroom has been a very dark red. I chose it because I thought it was romantic and a bit exotic. And it was. I loved it. But lately I had grown tired of it. It was very dark, and started to feel a bit oppressive. Also, it struck me as a very infertile color-the color of blood.

So Al and I began color negotiations. We didn't want to go with a creamy-browny-neutral, since much of our house is already painted in those colors. I wanted to move away from dark colors, but have a general disdain for pastels. He wanted green or yellow. I wanted pink or purple. We compromised on a lovely shade of blue. Only, it has turned into a rather more green shade of blue than I initially believed. I think I have been tricked.

We spent the last two days painting. Two coats of primer to cover the red, then two coats of this new color. When it was wet I was worried. It was very green, and a little institutional. But it has dried to a much more agreeable color. Almost a Tiffany blue, just a hair (or two) greener. Well, at least green is a very fertile color.

I am painting over 2006. It was a dark year in many ways. May 2007 be light and serene, like my new bedroom walls. Maybe next year we will be arguing over a paint color for a nursery. Maybe.

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