Friday, December 22, 2006

happy holidays to you

I am enjoying an entire week off work. I feel a bit guilty about all the things I am not even attempting this year (sending Christmas cards, baking), but I am trying to forget about them and enjoy the things I have left to do. Like wrapping, which I actually love but have not yet done. Al has considerably less time off than I do, so we will be smashing all our holiday travels into three days.

Here are the things (other than wrapping gifts, unwrapping gifts, driving, and eating) that I will do on my break:

1. Continue to obsess over whether or not I may have actually ovulated this cycle after all. Evidence in favor of ovulation: bbt spike which began Saturday (cd 20!), extremely sore breasts. Evidence which might confound evidence in favor of ovulation: have had miserable cold/low-grade fever since Sunday, most of my body is rather sore.

2. Brave the mall for 3 last minute gifts. I finished most of my shopping quite early this year, with much of it done online, and planned to be done long before now, but see item 1 above re. debilitating cold.

3. Watch waaaaay too much daytime television.

4. Hmm... That's about it. Other than wishing all of you the merriest and happiest of holidays, and wishing for all of us our hearts' desires in 2007. Thank you, all of you, for being there, just for existing and sharing this wacky, painful infertility journey with me. For putting your experiences out into the world for me to find and commiserate with, and for those of you, especially, who have come here to commiserate with me. I think of all of you every day. I pray for you. I hope for you. For all of us.

Just a small housekeeping note: I finally converted to the new blogger and I seem to have lost my blog roll. I'll try to sort that out when (if?) I make it home from the mall.

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