Thursday, September 21, 2006

i hate trying to think of titles

None of the expected side effects of metformin have materialized yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed, though, because on Saturday I start taking two a day instead of just one (for a total of 1000 mg).

The paperwork from the RE arrived today. I haven't opened it yet. I am too exhausted. It seems like I am always completely wiped out by Thursdays, manage to get through Fridays just by knowing the weekend is around the corner, and then all is well after sleeping in on Saturday mornings.

Al and I are traveling this weekend to visit his family. The plan is to finally tell them all about the reason for the long delay in our production of grandchildren. Well, not all about it. We have agreed to tell them that we are having trouble conceiving, and that we are going to see a specialist. We are not going to tell them that it's all, um, my fault.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the met, I'm on 1500mg and that took a bit of getting use too!! If you struggle take 750 and work your way up to 1000mg.
We told everyone so the questions would stop, it turned out to be so much easier than we thought.
Good luck.