Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Just back from the gyn! I asked her couldn't we please test for something, anything that might result in a diagnosis and treatment that insurance would cover. She was willing to do some bloodtests for thyroid dysfunction and pcos again, but not hopeful that anything would turn up. Apparently there is absolutely nothing wrong with me except a stubborn refusal to ovulate. But, blood was drawn, so we'll see what turns up.

One day ago-a mere 24 hours-I was convinced I wanted to move directly to an RE. Yet, when she offered clomid this time I wavered. I thought, "Why not?" Why not try it, it's relatively inexpensive and maybe it will work? It made me think I was crazy for even wanting to skip this step. When yesterday I was so sure! I hate being indecisive. Hate it. I feel like there is one right answer out there and if I don't figure it out immediately and all on my own then I will never ever ever have a baby. Why do I feel like that? Why do I put that kind of pressure on myself???

Waiting on the blood work to come back now. After that, I think I might go ahead and try the clomid. Or call the RE and make an appointment. Or just sit on the fence for another year. I really don't like that last option.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention whilst relating happy news yesterday . . . I have lost 10 pounds! Hurrah!


Thalia said...

congrats on the weight loss, that's fabulous. Seems like a good idea to test thyroid - hypothyroid can cause ammenorhea. (see Nico's blog - she's pregnant now - "no period baby" - for details). Is there a reason why you're sure those tests won't help?

Clomid seems like an ok idea, but why not make the RE appointment as well?

Elizabeth said...

I'm not sure the tests won't help, but I am not hopeful that they will simply because I have had the same bloodwork in the past and it never turned up any useful information. That's the main reason I lean toward seeing an RE, because I hope an RE would have more sophisticated tests. Doing both (trying the clomid but also making an appointment with an RE) does seem like the best way to go. I don't know why I have been applying such rigid either/or thinking to this . . . that's not my usual style at all. Thanks for all your comments, Thalia. It truly does help to hear things from someone else's perspective.