Saturday, April 15, 2006

procrastination looks like this

You know, I really don't have that much left to do to get my taxes finished up and mailed off. A few numbers to double check, a few loose ends to tie up.

So, clearly, before I can even think about finishing my taxes I must clean and organize my home office. My home office which is no longer strictly necessary and has been gathering dust for the past year or so (but yes, the papers I need are filed away in there). I must not only tidy the papers on the desk and finish the (gulp, huge!) stack of papers waiting to be filed, but I must also vacuum. Not just the floor, but the baseboards, the curtains, and the picture frames too. Does the furniture need polishing? I think the windows need washing!

Yeah, and in case that doesn't take enough time, I think I should blog about it too.


Thalia said...

I am the arch procrastinator, I'm so happy to meet a fellow victim. Don't you have some kind of legal commitment here, though?

Elizabeth said...

Yes, but since the 15th was a Saturday the IRS kindly extended the deadline to Monday. Which means I (just) finished in time, and tomorrow I am off to the post office on my lunch break to stand in long lines with all the other people who like to live dangerously and not do their taxes until the very. last. minute.