Sunday, April 02, 2006

daylight saving time, my ass

How exactly does one save time by losing an entire hour of it? An hour that is normally devoted to sweet, sweet sleep. And of course since I planned on going to bed an hour early tonight I am wide awake. Sigh.

Unrelated badness: I just googled "infertility dandruff" to see if there is any connection and all signs point to PCOS. Except my gyn swears I don't have this. Sigh again.


Thalia said...

I had never heard of a link between those two things. How odd.

Elizabeth said...

I had never heard of the link either, before this weekend. Apparently, it falls into the same constellation of symptoms as acne and oily skin (which I don't have problems with . . . I have very dry skin and have never had more than the ocasional pimple . . . so I don't know where that leaves me in terms of the likelihood that the dandruff is related to PCOS).