Thursday, March 23, 2006

why I blog

1. Writing about emotional experiences is therapeutic.
And boy, do I ever need the therapy. Yet my attempts at journaling have resulted in sporadic writing, at best. I was hoping that blogging, with a potential audience, might provide the incentive I need to write more frequently.

2. I was hoping that documenting my experiences might help me along my way: to stay focused on my goal (a baby), to refer back to what interventions I have tried (there haven't been a lot of those yet) and what the results were, and to allow me to see progress over time even when I feel frustrated and hopeless (unfortunately I haven't been able to document a lot of progress, yet).

3. The discovery of infertility-related blogs and the amazing women behind them was like looking in a mirror expecting to see only my sad, sorry self and seeing a whole host of smart, defiant, brave women standing all around me. I wanted to join in the chorus, to make my voice heard, to become visible to this assembly. I wanted to be part of a community, and more than that, to have some of your strength, determination, and hope rub off on me.

Coming soon . . . "Why I don't blog"

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