Tuesday, March 21, 2006

this week's report

Well, the money situation has improved. I was truly freaked out earlier about the state of our checking account. Then I checked with the bank. Apparently I have developed the charming habit of making deposits and not recording them. So we did have a few hundred dollars more than I thought and were able to pay all of our bills. Yay!

Since every good thing in my life causes an equal and opposite bad thing (or something like that), I have developed a horrendous case of dandruff. I have never had this problem before, and indeed had never contemplated it. I can't believe it . . . the one thing I never worried about! It is amazing that I have any scalp left at all at the rate that it is fleeing my head in very small white flakes. But it doesn't stop there. It seems that I have full body dandruff. My eyebrows and arms are also flaking off. I definitely fall into the category of dry skin dandruff. Perhaps this could be related to my thyroid? Not that I have had that tested yet.

In other news, I have cut back dramatically on caffeine. This is the direct result of deciding to give up aspartame cold turkey. (I am a die hard Diet Coke addict, not a coffee fiend.) Actually, it was almost cold turkey. I decided to give up Nutra sweet for Lent, so I am allowed to indulge on Sundays. It's been much easier than I thought it would be. The second Sunday in Lent I was contemplating not indulging at all, but gave in. The bubbles, the crushed ice . . . it was magical! But I find I am sleeping much better now, and it is even easier to get up in the mornings now than when my only goal in getting out of bed was stumbling to the kitchen to pop open a can of DC.

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