Monday, February 13, 2006

false alarm!

My sister is not pregnant after all. We both jumped the gun a bit, it seems. She says that the hpt result was "inconclusive", but since she did not want to be pregnant she panicked and assumed she was. Much the way I would have been too terrified to believe that an inconclusive result could possibly mean that I was pregnant, she could not believe it was possible that she was not. Plus, her period was a week and a half late! So, anyway, she went to see her gyno on Friday who declared that she was not, after all, pregnant. She is relieved. I am relieved for her, but selfishly even more relieved for myself. I had already thought ahead to all the family gatherings coming up in the spring which would be rendered unbearable to me by the presence of a glowingly pregnant younger sister.

Still, I feel propelled to pursue my own pregnancy more aggressively. It's like this was a warning shot: no one is waiting on me to have a family before they begin their own (not that I think they should). I had better get a move on.

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