Tuesday, December 20, 2005

no o

I have not ovulated again so far. Who knows, maybe once every five years is all my body can manage. I am still spotting (so annoying!) and my bbt only stayed up for two days and is now back down.

Our office Christmas party is tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to it. I dreaded Thanksgiving, but that was because I was fairly new to managing all the increased demands of my new position and was also nervous about getting to know people (who all adored my friend, whom I replaced). Now things are evening out for me at work, and I have come to know most everyone and feel more comfortable socializing with them. Less like an interloper.


Thalia said...

Damn! I'm sorry that you don't seem to have ovulated again. Do you know why you don't ovulate?(sorry this is prob in your archives and I should just go and check).

Your classroom sounds lovely, it must make such a difference to the children to be able to do such creative things in their classroom.

Elizabeth said...

Thalia, I actually don't know why I don't ovulate. My Ob/gyn is convinced that it is neither a thyroid problem nor pcos (based on some blood work). She is not the least bit concerned with discovering the cause beyond ruling out those two things. Basically she has offered me clomid (to ovulate) or birth control pills (to make my "cycles" more predictable and end the constant spotting). I don't want the bcp (counterproductive!) but don't feel comfortable moving forward with clomid without knowing more about the underlying problem. Which is why I am planning to see an RE soon.