Wednesday, October 12, 2005

more tax trauma

I didn't have to look for the tax info. My wonderful husband found the folder I had carefully collected all our important documents in (and then misplaced). So we called our accountant with the good news that we were ready to turn our precious information over to him so he could work his magic.

Guess what? Our accountant has informed us he's not sure he has time to do our taxes. Arrghhh!!! He has been doing our taxes for years (and usually at the last minute, as I am the original procrastinator). He filed both of our extensions this year. Usually, I do the taxes myself and also have him do them. Then I compare the results. He always comes up with a better final number for us. I don't know how (except for the obvious fact that he is a professional at this and he knows more about deductions, credits, etc. than I do).

Anyway, I have been trying to be less of a control freak. I have been trying to "relax" and "let go" and all those other things well meaning people tell you to do when you are trying to get knocked up. One of the things I had actually managed to loosen my death grip on was the taxes. After all, he's been doing our taxes for years and has proven to be better at it than I am. We pay him to worry about the damn taxes so we won't have to worry about them. So I decided this year, I won't worry about them. I won't even look at them. I completely relinquished the whole tax situation. Now this.

I am freaking out!!!

**Updated to say I laid a major guilt trip on aforementioned accountant and he has reconsidered his position. He will be doing the taxes but I am very nervous about what kind of job he will do with them. I guess it will be back to the usual routine of doing them myself also, then comparing. I discovered as well that since the 15th is a Saturday, they don't actually have to be mailed off until Monday. I guess I know what I will be doing this weekend.

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