Sunday, February 10, 2008

question...assvice welcome

I was going to include this as part of my last, gargantuan post, but decided to make it separate, since it didn't really fit.

I am still bleeding. Not much at all, but it's still bright red. I started on Feb. 1, and this is Feb. 10, so that seems unusual. I had heavy bleeding for the first four days, then it seemed to taper off, but it hasn't stopped. Should I be concerned? I don't have any other symptoms of anything (pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, painful ovaries, etc.), so what could it be? Just a weird cycle? Oh, and I took a pretty spectacular fall on Wednesday, after which the bleeding seemed to pick up a bit, but I have no other damage (other than a couple of bruises) so didn't see a doctor. Could the two be related at all? Wtf?


~Carrie said...

I wish I had some advice on this - I don't! Have you ever had a cycle that lasted more than week? Again, I wish I had some advice. Have you called your doctor?

Frenchie said...

I don't know if it means anything...but after both of my IUI's I had strange periods. And they seemed to linger much longer than what is normal for me. I even went to my OB the first time to make sure all was okay...and it was...(but I didn't really get a definite explanation).

Sorry about the negative.