Friday, January 25, 2008


This post is unlikely to be of interest to anyone but me...but here goes, anyway.

The four day post iui symptom watch:
1. sore breasts
2. still bloated, but much less tender, abdomen
3. soooo constipated (tmi! sorry!)
4. constant hunger
5. exhaustion

I know it is still too early for these to be the result of anything other than all the hormones I have injected (and the extra iron pills I'm taking (3), and the caffeine I've given up(5)). But still, for my sanity, something is better than nothing.

Emotionally I am fluctuating wildly between high hopes and the certain conviction that this will not work. It's so much fun!

To add to the fun, I have managed to catch a dreadful cold. On the upside, the misery in my head is distracting me a little from the misery inside my head. I'm off to take some acetaminophen and a nap.

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nancy said...

We are IUI buddies! Except I am one day ahead of you.

Ahhh. Symptoms. For me, I don't even pay attention to anything because it's impossible for anything to be related to pregnancy this early. So for the first entire week of the 2ww, I'm restless because there is nothing to do! (but I make up for them from 8dpo and on!)