Thursday, December 20, 2007

follow up

I had my post-surgical follow up appointment this week. It was fairly anticlimactic. Reviewing the findings of the lap, Dr. RE informed me I had the pelv!s of a 16 year old. Hmm...that's a good thing, I guess. But why couldn't I have the unplanned pregnancy rate of a 16 year old?

The new game plan is another round of fsh injections, but with an iui this time. I asked about the relative advantages of an iui over the at-home version, and his equivocal response was that for anovulatory infertility it is not of tremendous gain over ovulation induction alone, but for unexplained infertility it doubles pregnancy rates over oi alone. And the way he let his explanation trail off certainly implied that we are heading into unexplained territory.

After that heartening discussion I was ushered in to my favorite nurse's office to try to deal with a headachey insurance issue. I am lucky that so far much of my treatment has been covered. But the insurance company likes to make me jump through hoops, which stresses me out a whole lot more than sticking myself with hormone laden needles.

Oh, and highlight of the appointment: As I sat with my nurse (who was on the phone with the insurance company) I heard Dr. RE remark to another nurse in the hallway "She's got a great chance of getting pregnant. Of everyone I have seen today, she has the best chance of getting pregnant." Need I tell you? He was not talking about me. But that is exactly what he said to me at my first visit, over a year ago. I guess the outlook is no longer quite so rosy.


swissmiss said...

"Why couldn't I have the unplanned pregnancy rate of a 16 year old?" LOL. Ain't it the truth.

Hope the iui does the trick for you.

Thalia said...

unexplained must be very frustrating, although at the same time it's at least less terminal than knowing there is something majorly wrong. I do hope this next step is the one for you.

LJ said...

How frustrating. Hoping the next steps help

KatieM said...

My RE was actually shocked I needed him, and at my first visit goes, "you are the youngest patient I have ever treated...I have no doubts you will be pregnant soon" It is obvious my RE is no fortune teller...why do docs think they can predict the future?

And wow...I wish I had the pelvis of a 16 year old...this is a good thing, yes? I think...what an odd comment, haha.