Wednesday, October 17, 2007

hoping against hope

Tuesday (8 dpo) I was so completely symptomless that I was convinced this cycle was a failure. I was sad and weepy.

Today (9 dpo) I have had spotting. I have never had spotting this early in a cycle in which I actually ovulated. When I first saw it I was so sure it was implantation spotting and that I was pregnant. I was giddy!

Now I have calmed down. I still don't have a single other indicator to suggest I am pregnant. What really bothers me is my boobs. These are not my usual post-ovulation boobs. They are very much my normal pre- or non-ovulatory boobs. Which makes me think maybe I am having breakthrough bleeding due to low progesterone. Oh why, oh why didn't I ask for a progesterone test this cycle? I am peeing on a stick tomorrow morning. 10 dpo.

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