Thursday, July 19, 2007

good fortune

The hsg went really well. I took 2 aleve about 2 hours beforehand, and felt no pain at all, just the same pressure from the speculum as with a pap smear and very mild cramping afterward. While I wouldn't recommend having one for fun, it was really cool to see the liquid fill my uterus, then swirl out of my fallopian tubes. Best of all, for the first time, I love my RE a little bit. He is very dry and intellectual, and that is fine, I chose him for his intellect. But at the hsg he was also extraordinarily kind, gentle, solicitous and reassuring. I had not seen this side of him before, and it is nice to know that it is there. The only nerve wracking part of the whole experience was trying to get registered at the hospital.

After we left the hospital I felt fantastic. I was happy that the news was good and thrilled that it hadn't been painful. Instead of heading straight home and to bed as planned, Al and I went window shopping a bit (without spending any money, which was quite a triumph) and then had a very late lunch at one of my favorite Chinese places. Lunch was delicious. I kept telling Al, "I'm having such a good day!" To cap it off, this was my fortune, "Good news of long-awaited event will arrive soon." Here's hoping!


shazz said...

Glad to hear things went well and not alot of pain!!

Regina said...

I'm happy this all went okay. You did great, and sometimes, at least for me the good days are few and far between, so just enjoy!! All the best,

bethkyle said...

I just had my HSG this week. I thought it would be fine, but it was very painful for me. Glad yours went so well! And my results were good - so can get over a little plain.