Sunday, March 25, 2007

the rest of the story


When I called to schedule my postcoital test, the ever-so-helpful receptionist gave me a 10:30 appt and instructed me to have sex from 2 to 6 hours before the appt or, if that's any trouble, "anytime tonight will be fine". I'm sure it was the same one from last time, her instructions are frustratingly simple and vague.

That night Al and I agonised a bit about what time we should have the sex. I was (illogically) concerned that if we waited until early the next morning (the 2 to 6 hour window) we might miss the ovulation. Al reasoned that if I was none too invested in the post coital test results then we should time the sex for our best chance at getting pregnant. I agreed and we decided on 11:00pm (within 12 hours of the test the next day, I didn't want to do it any earlier than that). Which turned out to be fine. The next morning I saw the nurse practitioner for the test. Not only were the test results fine (good cervical mucus, good sperm) but she also did another sonogram, so I got to see that my uterus had a "nice, thick" lining, my right ovary (the one I suspected did not exist) had a large follicle ("this is where you're going to ovulate") and my left ovary had a "smaller follicle". I was blissfully happy to hear and see all of this. (I am now kicking myself for not asking if my ovaries had returned to their designated positions-although it seems that they had, as she did not have to do any poking around to find them-or if she thought I would ovulate from both ovaries. I could see for myself that the follicle on the left was much smaller than the one on the right, so it seems unlikely, but I wish I had asked.) She told me to have sex again that night, which we did, although I had a meeting after work that I absolutely could not get out of and it was almost 11:00pm again before we had the chance. Just for good measure we had sex the next night also. It took three days from the positive opk (two days from seeing my ovaries) for my temp to jump up. I have to admit I was getting worried that it was all a false alarm. I guess we will know for sure next Wednesday when I go back to have my progesterone levels measured.

I am incredibly hopeful. Giddy, almost, with hope. I had an early-enough (I hope) ovulation, we know there is no problem with Al's sperm, now we know (as much as the results of a postcoital test are at all valid) that I have no problems with cervical mucus (I am one of the lucky ones who have increased mucus with clomid) and that there is no problem with the interaction between my mucus and his sperm, we saw that my uterine lining was nice and thick, and that I had a follicle about to pop. So it seems that everything is in our favor. I know that the crash is going to be really hard if this doesn't work. Al says that it's all good, anyway, that even if this time doesn't work it will be because of some fluke, and the next time will. I wish I had that kind of sustainable optimism.

If this doesn't work, I think I may ask for an hsg. We haven't discussed it, yet, but if everything else looks fine and this still doesn't work, then I think I will want to take a look at my tubes.


Thalia said...

Good to hear from you. I think you know how I feel about post coital tests, so I won't go into that here, but I am delighted to hear you ovulated, that's a big win! Hoping for you.

Watson said...

WOW -- increased CM with clomid???

That is a good sign!!

I hope this is your lucky cycle :-)

Anna said...

Sounds good! I hope you get a positive result!!

Anonymous said...

I bet the wait is tough. I know how I feel every month... waiting and waiting. It is an understated bummer when things don't seem to work out. I don't want to put a damper on things for you though. It seems as if everything is going in the right direction. I'm just annoyed with my own lack of fertility. Apparantly clomid, at 100 mg for 3 months doesn't work and I'm have long cycles so I'm in a constant holding patter...waiting and waiting a feels like a freaking eternity. Next cycle 150mg and IUI for me AND an apt. with RE just to cover my bases should THAT not work.
Best of luck to you and keep us posted. I love your your site and look for a new entries.