Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today is 9 dpo. My temp is still high, but I am having some fairly significant cramps. I know that implantation can feel like impending menstruation (theoretically, I know this, not from experience) but I dare not get my hopes up that high. Especially considering how late the ovulation was.

So, assuming that tomorrow may very well be cd 1, do I feel (1) miserable that I am not pregnant + in all kinds of pain and to top it off worried that I now have a short luteal phase, or (2) bright-sideishly cheery that I won't feel like (1) on Valentine's day, not to mention I will be able to drink when we go out next Wednesday.

I am actively trying to convince myself it will be option 2.

And of course I am secretly hoping that I will feel don't-even-think-it-or-you'll-jinx-it-option (3) ecstatic that the cramps really were implantation.

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