Saturday, January 27, 2007

at this point does it even matter?

So, this is cycle day 31. Thirty-freaking-one! (Which is one less than how many years old I am as of this month.) And, no ovulation yet. There was a false alarm around day 20, but my bbt only stayed up over the coverline for about 3 days and has been resolutely low ever since. But! But I woke up this morning swimming in eggwhite. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it. So, hope has reared her ugly little head that this will not be an anovulatory cycle. Although, at this point, does it really even matter? I know that delayed ovulation is much less likely to result in a pregnancy. Still, there is a tiny little chance, right? Enough to require sex tonight?

Ouch! I just had some kind of serious pain near what I imagine to be the location of my left ovary. Mittelschmerz (I have no personal frame of reference)? Or appendicitis (again, no personal experience)? That will be a fun game to play tonight.

By the way, I decided to induce this ovulation by going ahead and buying the clomid and opks for next cycle. And boy do I hope there was some kind of mix up at the pharmacy, because instead of the 100 mg of clomid discussed at my last appointment, I have in my hands instructions to swallow 200 mg a day for five days.


Thalia said...

Sounds like it might be ovulation to me.

Are you going to go ahead w 200? I'd be tempted to stick at 150 and see how it goes, it's a powerful drug.

Btw clomid inhibits EWCM because it's an estrogen inhibitor, so you might want to invest in some preseed.

elizabeth said...

Thanks, Thalia. I actually intend to stick with 100 mg and call this a 2 months supply. I have also acquired a great deal of preseed. So, we're set for next cycle.