Saturday, September 09, 2006


In a return to form, my doctor (does she need a name at this point? I think I will dub her Dr. Clomid) had her nurse call me yesterday morning. I must come in on Monday for liver function tests before they will release the glucophage prescription. That's fine with me: I am all for tests. Sign me up for a full-body scan, please.

I am excited about the glucophage. With the help of Dr. Google I had long convinced myself that pcos might be my problem and that glucophage was the answer. I know two people (with my same symptoms) for whom it was a magic bullet. So glorious were the results that they gladly down it despite the horrible (mostly initial) side-effects. So, I am optimistic.

Yet, I know that this is far from the ideal approach for treating a still-not-clearly-diagnosed problem. I know that I must see an RE. Something is holding me back from taking this step, but I proclaim it to the internets now: I will call next week and make an appointment. I will!

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