Thursday, April 06, 2006

my fantasy alternate reality

Al is a dentist. I am a cytopathologist. We live in Aurora, Illinois. There is a local fertility clinic, and we make so much money we don't even have to worry about whether we can afford treatment. Not that it really matters, because treatment is covered by our health insurance!!!

Of course, in a fantasy alternate reality shouldn't we live in Hawaii? Shouldn't Al be a working artist (his passion)? Maybe we won the lottery -- a really big jackpot -- so neither of us has to work? Shouldn't we have 2.5 easily conceived children and not even think about fertility clinics and insurance coverage? Can I throw in a perpetual (and cancer free) tan? I would spend my days gazing at my beautiful children, and maybe stalking the cast of Lost?

I would settle for the first fantasy.

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Thalia said...

Cytopathologist is your dream job? Wow, that's pretty creative. Mine is author. Not doing anything about getting it, though.

By all means go with the ultimate fantasy. Isn't that what fantasies are for?