Monday, July 25, 2005


A. and I have come up with a somewhat arbitrary plan that is geared toward having a baby by our tenth anniversary. I don’t know why I even think plans are worth making in this area of my life, but here it goes:

We will continue trying to get pregnant without artificial assistance until February 2006. Just a few more months of relaxation, exercise, improved nutrition, and spontaneous sex – sex that occurs at least every other day, how spontaneous . I guess it's a good thing we still like sex!

In February we move on to fertility drugs. Clomid, of course, and maybe whatever comes after or in conjunction with that. I don’t know how I feel about IUI, should it come to that, but we have already decided against IVF. With my already ambivalent attitude toward pregnancy, we feel that if we get to that point our emotional, physical, and monetary currency is better spent in pursuit of adoption.

Moving along. We try fertility drugs and if I am still not pregnant by November 2006 then we start the adoption process. After all, it’s a baby we really want, not a pregnancy, and we have been waiting a long time.
There it is. Let us all laugh long and hard at the foolishness of making such a timeline.

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